Command Buildings

  • What are Command Buildings for?
    Command buildings are the non-tactical support infrastructure needed to manage your City's Diplomacy, Trade, and Signing Agreements. All buildings have different construction/upgrade time. You start off being able to build or upgrade only one building at a time, but may add extra construction/upgrade queues to your City by hiring additional Artisans.

    To construct a Command building do the following:
    1. Go to your City and click "Construction".
    2. Open the "Command" tab and find the building you need.
    3. Click "Build".
    4. Select a place inside your City and start construction.
  • Agora
    Agora is one of the main Command Buildings. Each upgrade level boosts new buildings' construction and upgrade.
    You can upgrade this building by using Upgrade Sketches, which can be acquired from the Market.
  • Ephorate
    New Articles of Agreement are signed at the Ephorate. Upgrade it (up to a maximum level of 20) to sign and update Agreements faster.

    At the Ephorate you can view all of the Articles you currently possess, so that you may sell or trade them at the Port.
  • War Council
    War Council is the central point from which you will manage all your battlefield operations. From here you can track the movements of all your deployed forces, manage occupied positions, and keep a close eye on your opposition. The War Council contains several interface tabs:

    "City" - Displays the quantity and type of Units currently stationed in your City, the number of Units sent to your City as Reinforcements.

    The "Protectorates" tab displays information on:
    - All currently occupied battlefield positions

    "Garrisons" - Here you can view and manage:
    Units currently stationed outside your City - Reinforcements at other players' Cities.

    "Tracking" - Displays Galley and Unit movements to and from your City.

    "Contacts" - Contains the list of other Cities you have interacted with in the game: Enemies, Partners, and all your Friends that play the game. To add a City to Contacts use any of the following methods:
    1. Go to the player's City and click "Add to Contacts" next to the name.
    2. Go to the War Council, set the Friends, Allies, Assists, or Enemy filters and click "Add to Contacts" next to the player's name.
    3. Find a City on the Map and click on "Add to Contacts" in the pop-up menu.
  • Port
    The Port allows you to exchange Resources and Articles of Agreement with other Cities. Here you can view existing exchange offers, create your own, and track your Galleys. Sign an Agreement with Chalcis to build the Port. Upgrade the Port to increase the number of available Galleys. You will need these Galleys to transport Resources and Articles to other Cities. Keep in mind, every transaction you conduct with other Cities will temporarily use one or more Galleys (depending on the amount of Resources transferred) until the transaction is completed.

    To make a Resource Exchange Offer:
    1. Go to the Port.
    2. Open the "Trade Resources" tab.
    3. Click the "Make Offer" button.
    4. Choose the Resources you wish to trade.
    5. Click the "Make Offer" button.
    6. Set the "My" filter to view when your Offer expires.

    To exchange Articles at Port:
    1. Go to the Port and open the "Trade Articles" tab.
    2. Click the "Make Offer" button.
    3. Choose an Article you wish to exchange.
    4. Click the "Make Offer" button.
    In order to view Offers from other players, go to the Port and set a filter (All, Available, Friends, or My). If your request is not found, you will see an empty list. You can also use the "Looking for" and "I'm Offering" drop-down menus to filter your search.
    You can upgrade this building by using Upgrade Sketches, which can be acquired from the Market.
  • Lighthouse
    The faster your Galleys move, the sooner they become available for new travel and emergency delivery of Resources and Articles to your Allies. You must sign the Agreement with Alexandria to construct the Lighthouse.
    You can upgrade this building by using Upgrade Sketches, which can be acquired from the Market.
  • Harbor
    Improves the efficiency of your commerce by increasing the amount of Resources each Galley can deliver. Remember to upgrade it to maximize your trading efficiency. Sign the Agreement with Samos to build the Harbor.
    You can upgrade this building by using Upgrade Sketches, which can be acquired from the Market.
  • Embassy
    Build the Embassy to form Alliances and rule joint campaigns with other Archons.

    From here you can make Alliance offers or terminate current Alliances, invite Friends, and interact with members of your Coalition. Forming Alliances will give you allies with which to trade Resources and plan attacks. Units and Galleys moving between allied Cities will also travel at significantly higher speeds (max 1 hour to any location).

    You may also use the Embassy to organize and manage your Coalition, view information about existing Coalitions, or create your own (see the "Coalitions" section for more).
  • Academy
    The Academy allows you to use Scrolls of Wisdom to improve the speed, production time, and Grain consumption statistics of your Units. To get started, go to the "Construction" tab and build the Academy.

    Scrolls of Wisdom
    Scrolls of Wisdom are unique source knowledge that can improve your Units. Athenian scholars have agreed to send you additional Scrolls of Wisdom as you attain higher Experience Levels in the game. The number of Scrolls of Wisdom you'll receive per level-up will increase over time:

    Levels 2 – 34 / 2 Scrolls of Wisdom
    Levels 35 – 64 / 4 Scrolls of Wisdom
    Levels 65 – 79 / 6 Scrolls of Wisdom
    Levels 80 + / 8 Scrolls of Wisdom

    You can also get extra Scrolls of Wisdom by successively attacking or defending increasingly higher level Positions. Scrolls of Wisdom CANNOT be purchased at the Market or traded.

    After your one free edit, you will need to purchase a special tool – the Scroll Cypher - at the Market. It allows you to redistribute Scrolls of Wisdom on the Wisdom Tree.
  • Tholos
    Build the Tholos to manage strategic resource points in your area. When used with the Oracle, the Tholos allows you to locate and conquer Colonies rich in Resources, Drachmas, or Artifacts. Upgrade your Tholos to increase the number of Colonies you may occupy at a time.
  • Oracle
    Build the Oracle to gather information on your surrounding area, find new Positions and Emporia around your City. Upgrading your Oracle increases its range, allowing you to find additional locations of interest on the Map.

    Open the "Positions" tab to see new Persian Positions around your City. This tab also gives information on Location Level, coordinates, and distance from your City. From here you can also go directly to a Location on the Map or send an attack.

    Open the "Emporia" tab to see new Emporia around your City. Use filters to sort Emporia by Resource Type they contain or to see the vacant and captured Emporium. From here you can send Scout Units on a Spy mission, send Offensive Units to capture the Emporium you want. Upgrading your Oracle increases its range, allowing you to find additional resource points on the Map.

    Note: Your Oracle's Level determines the number and range of Emporia it can find, not Persian Positions.
  • Argentarium
    After signing the required Agreements, you are able to build the Argentarium.

    Once built, you'll be able to exchange excess Bronze and Timber for a special Resource, Denarii. Denarii are special silver coins, which can be used to hire powerful Roman Warriors.

    At the Argentarium, you can:
    - Exchange Bronze and Timber in return for Denarii;
    - Spend Bronze, Timber, and Drachmas in exchange for Denarii immediately;
    - See the number of Denarii you currently possess.

    To build the Argentarium:
    1. Go to your City.
    2. Click the "Construction" button.
    3. Open the "Command" tab and choose the Argentarium.
    4. Choose a location inside your City and begin construction.
  • Sanctum of Asclepius
    You must build the Sanctum of Asclepius to use and store Elixirs. Upgrade the Sanctum of Asclepius to mix Elixirs of a higher Level. All Elixirs you gain are stored in the Cache at the Sanctum of Asclepius. To view an Elixir's attributes, simply place your cursor over it. To use any Elixir place it into any open Activation Slot on the Activation Board. Elixirs are permanent and will continue to grant bonuses until replaced or removed.

    After activation, you can move Elixirs from Level 5 and higher back to your Cache ONLY with the help of a special tool – the Caduceus.

    To build the Sanctum of Asclepius:

    1. Go to your City.
    2. Click the "Construction" button.
    3. Open the "Command" tab and select the Sanctum of Asclepius
    4. Choose an area inside your City and construct the Sanctum.