• Overview
    Pantheons are heavily fortified locations spread throughout ancient Greece. These locations are the only places with any true hope of withstanding the giant tides of Persian forces that now threaten ancient Hellas.

    The Coalitions that rebuild and have control over these Pantheons will be able to use their strength to save Greece, project their power over surrounding territories and even rise above their rival Coalitions. A Coalition's ability to conquer, hold and rebuild the Pantheons will determine the borders of its realm and its standing within Hellas.

    As your Coalition conquers and strengthens Pantheons, your growing influence over the lands of Hellas will be shown on the Imperial Map. Be aware, the quest for total control is not an easy one. Persian forces are constantly moving to conquer Pantheons themselves – defending against their armies, as well as those of your rivals is only part of your mission.

    Rebuilding Pantheons will take large amounts of Resources and coordination – no single Archon can do it alone. To battle for control over Pantheons, you must either join a Coalition or start your own.

    Pantheons can be found throughout the Imperial Map. Plan your attacks carefully – any Pantheon on the Map may be heavily defended by Persian forces, or even rival Coalitions.

    Any Coalition that conquers a Pantheon must defend it from increasingly powerful waves of Persian forces. With each successful Defensive battle against Persian Units, your Coalition will receive Orichalcum as a reward. This valuable mineral can be used to grant "Veteran" status to your Units, reducing their Grain consumption, increasing their strength and improving their overall effectiveness in battles.

    Once you have taken a Pantheon, you must begin upgrading and repairing it with Resources. As the Pantheon is upgraded, its Defensive Bonus, effective range of protection, Orichalcum collection efficiency, Orichalcum storage capacity, and the range of Unit types that can be ugraded to Veteran status will increase.
  • Pantheon Range
    The area of influence a Pantheon has on the surrounding territory is determined by the Pantheon's Range. This is determined according to its development level and its proximity to adjoining Pantheons controlled by the same Coalition. This mean that two Pantheons of identical levels can have different Ranges, depending on where a Coalition's other controlled Pantheons are located. If a Pantheon is positioned adjacent to one or more Pantheons which are controlled by the same Coalition, its Range will increase. The total output of all Pantheons is the sole factor in determining your Coalition's position in the Coalition Rankings, so try to conquer as many adjoining Pantheons as possible and assert your dominance over the lands of Hellas!
  • Developing Pantheons
    Once a Coalition has conquered a Pantheon, its members must pool their Resources towards developing it. Every Coalition member is able to contribute Resources towards a Pantheon's next development level. The progress bar will display the Coalition's collective contribution. Once the progress bar is full, the Pantheon will upgrade to the next development level and both its Range and its performance will increase. If a Coalition's Pantheon is lost and conquered by rivals, it will automatically lose 1 development level per hour. If a Coalition succeeds in re-conquering the Pantheon within 60 minutes after it has been conquered by another Coalition, it will retain its current level.

    You will receive regular Updates on your Coalition's Pantheons in your reports.
  • Imperial Map
    The Imperial Map is a scale on the regular game map, which displays all Coalitions according to their controlled territory. To view the Imperial Map, go to the Regular Map and select one of the scale buttons in the top-right corner of the screen (just below the "Home" button).

    Coalition Hegemons and Polemarchs are able to alter the diplomatic status of other Coalitions from the Embassy. Once you've changed a Coalition's status, it will be reflected on the Imperial Map - with the appropriate icon visible to all Coalition members.

    Conquered Pantheons will appear on the map with the occupying Coalition's logo.
  • Pantheon Interactions (Map)
    Place your cursor over any Pantheon on the Imperial Map to choose from a menu of possible actions:

    "To the Embassy" – This opens the Pantheon statistics window, containing the following tree tabs (if this Pantheon is currently controlled by your Coalition):

    "Pantheons" - Here you can:
    - Send additional Resources and check the Pantheon's development progress
    - Check the amount of Orichalcum your Coalition has earned
    - Redistribute Orichalcum to different Pantheons (only available to Hegemons, Polemarchs, and Commandants)
    - View the Pantheon's development display

    "Garrisons" - Here you can:
    - Send Reinforcements to a Pantheon
    - View all Units currently guarding a Pantheon
    - Open the "Pantheons" tab at your Embassy

    "Upgrading" - Here you can:
    - Select the number and type of Units to promote to Veteran status
    - Review the Pantheon's Unit history

    "Send Reinforcements" - select this option to send Reinforcements to a Pantheon. This option is only available for Pantheons currently controlled by your Coalition.

    "Conquer" – Here you can send forces to capture a Pantheon.

    "Scout" - Attempt to spy upon a Pantheon.

    Use the navigation panel or mouse scroll from the Imperial or Regular Map to view a Pantheon's pop-up action menu.

    If a Pantheon is conquered by the Enemy, all surviving Units guarding it will be returned to their respective City.
  • Pantheon Interactions (City)
    To interact with a Pantheon from the Embassy, your Coalition must have conquered at least one Pantheon on the map. Once your Coalition has control of one or more Pantheons, go to the Embassy and open the "Pantheons" tab. From here, you can view information on the number and type of Units currently garrisoned at any Pantheon conquered by your Coalition. Coalition Hegemons and Polemarchs can also use this interface to redistribute Orichalcum between Pantheons. Click on the Pantheon's icon to view it on the map. Click the button on the left-hand side of the screen to open the Pantheon's stats window. From here, you can add Resources to work towards its next upgrade level or redistribute collected Orichalcum either to or from its Orichalcum Storage. The Pantheon control window is only available at the Embassy if you are already a member of an existing Coalition, or have created your own.

    You will receive battle reports on your Coalition's Pantheons.

    To control Reinforcements garrisoned at a Pantheon, simply open the "Garrisons" tab. From here you can view, reinforce, or recall any Reinforcements you currently have stationed at any Pantheon conquered by your Coalition.