• Bronze, Timber, Grain
    There are three main types of Resources in the Game - Bronze, Timber and Grain. You need them to construct Buildings, hire Units and sign Agreements.

    Build and upgrade Forges (Bronze), Lumberyards (Timber), and Farms (Grain) to gain more Resources. The amount of Resources you can store is limited by the capacity of your Warehouses and Granaries, so upgrade them to store more Resources.
    Upgrade at least one Forge or Lumberyard to level 10 and build the Temple of Hephaestus or the Temple of Pan respectively to increase these Resources' production rate. Building the Temple of Demeter will also lower Grain consumption in your City.

    Bronze and Timber is stored in the Warehouses and Grain is stored in the Granary. The amount of Resources you are able to store in the buildings is limited by their capacity. You can build a maximum of 3 Warehouses and Granaries in your City.

    Any Resources stored in your Acropolis cannot be taken by your enemy when your City is under attack. Upgrade the Acropolis to protect your Resources.

    Watch the level of your Grain Consumption and Production.
    You can get Resources by producing them in your City, trading them at the Port, as Gifts from Friends, and as rewards for missions at Positions.

    If you sign all Agreements, you will be awarded a boost to your Bronze and Timber production. Your boost will begin the day after you have researched all Agreements. Once a new Agreement appears, your Boost will be placed on hold until you sign the new Agreement; in which case the Boost will begin once again.
  • Why purchase Drachmas?
    Drachmas give you certain extra advantages in the game.

    You can use them to:
    - Boost the rate of your building construction and Unit production;
    - sign Agreements;
    - Purchase Resources, Units, or Articles of Agreements at the Market;
    - Purchase Fortifications and Decor;
    - Hire Artisans that add an additional construction/upgrade queue to your City, allowing you to upgrade or add multiple buildings simultaneously.

    Players can earn Drachmas as rewards by completing tasks in the game. You may purchase additional Drachmas at the Bank by selecting the "Bank" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Misc. Game Tips
    - By spending Drachmas you are able to boost production of one of the main Resources (Bronze, Timber and Grain) by 25% for three days.

    - Some of your Resources are protected by the Acropolis and cannot be stolen by your Enemies. The amount of Resources stolen from your City depends on the sum of your Resources and the enemy's Carrying Capacity. Upgrade the Warehouse, Granary and Acropolis to store more Resources!

    - View the Resource Trade Offers at the Port every day to take advantage of the best deals!