• Overview
    Signing Agreements grants you access to new Buildings and Units.

    Build the Ephorate to begin signing new Agreements.

    Upgrade the Ephorate to increase the speed of your agreement signing. Signing or updating an Agreement will cost Grain, Timber, and Bronze. The more advanced the Agreement or the higher its upgrade level, the more each signing will cost.

    After signing the first few Agreements, you need to start acquiring a set number of the Articles of Agreement before you may begin signing new ones. Each day you visit your City, your Ephorate will give you new Articles of Agreement.
    To view the list of Agreements, click the "Agreements" button on the right hand side of the screen.

    In each Agreement box, you can find the following information:
    - The Buildings and Units list the Agreement can open;
    - The number of Articles you have and the number you need to acquire;
    - The Upgrade Level Limit.

    to find out the price of Signing/Updating an Agreement, hover the mouse over the "Sign" or "Update" button respectively, and read the information.

    Sign all Agreements to be awarded a boost to your Bronze and Timber production. Your boost will begin the day after you have signed all Agreements. Once a new Agreement appears, your boost will be placed on hold until you sign the new Agreement; in which case the Boost will begin once again.
  • What do I do with Articles I don't need?
    You can trade Articles you don't need for ones that you're still looking for by visiting your Ephorate or Port.

    To exchange Articles at the Port:

    1. Open the "Trade Articles" tab at the Port.
    2. Choose the Agreement you're offering.
    3. Select the Article you're offering.
    4. Select the Agreement you're looking for.
    5. Select the Article you wish to receive.
    6. If you see no existing offers, click the "Make Offer" button to create your own.
    7. Go to the Port and open the "Trade Articles" tab to view the Offer you've created. You will also be able to see when your Offer expires from this menu, and delete any pending offers you've made that have yet to be accepted.

    To exchange Articles at the Ephorate:

    1. Go to the Ephorate and open the "My Articles" tab.
    2. Select an Agreement.
    3. Choose an Article you wish to trade.
    4. Click the "Exchange" button.
    5. Select the Agreement and Article you're looking for and click "Make Offer".

    You can also give Articles to your friends instead of exchanging. You can do this in several ways:
    1.Visit your Friend's City, click "Actions" and choose "Send Articles" to send them an Article.
    2. You can also go to the Map, find your Friend's City, and choose "Send Articles" from the pop-up menu.
    3. Select a Friend from your "Friends" panel, click on the Friends profile picture, and choose "Send Articles" on the drop-down menu.

    Whichever method you choose will open a window where you can select the Article you wish to send. Once you've selected an Article click the "Send Articles" button.
    To view Offers from other players, go to the Port and select a search filter (All, Available, Friends, or My). If your request is not found, you will see an empty list. You can also use the "Looking for" and "Offering" drop-down menus to filter your search.

    If you sign an Agreement, exchange an Article, or send one to your Friend as a gift it will no longer be in your City.
  • Misc. Game Tips
    - Log into the game every day to get new Articles and sign new Agreements more quickly.

    - Update your Agreements - the higher the Agreement Level, the stronger its related military Units' performance statistics.

    - Remember, it's usually more profitable to exchange Articles at the Port than it is to sell them at the Ephorate in exchange for Resources.